Native Verify

A trusted third party verification platform for Native American and Tribally-Owned businesses.

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Why Verify

We are a trusted third party verification for Native American and Tribally-owned Businesses. The Native Verify seal is a guarantee that you are working with and purchasing from a Verified Native Owned Business. Our industry-best verification process confirms affiliation with a federally-recognized Tribe. This means that an artist is a member of a federally-recognized Tribe, that a business is majority-owned by individual members of a federally-recognized Tribe, or a federally-recognized Tribe itself.

Verification Benefits

Our Verification helps easily distinguish your business from non-Native competitors and peers. Display the Native Verify seal on your website, social media profiles, and e-commerce store to quickly identify for consumers that your business is verified as Native Owned. Your listing in the Native Network database will connect you to supply chain, purchasers, and other hiring partners looking to buy and hire Native.

Our Story

Native Verify’s co-founders are Native women attorneys who have spent their entire professional careers working in Indian Country with both Native Owned and Tribally-Owned Businesses. Maranda Compton and Laura Jones understand that economic opportunities for Tribes and Tribal members are vital components to the cultural and political survival of modern Native Nations. At Native Verify, we know that federal programs that prioritize contracting for Native Owned Businesses can be very effective, but that the programs are often abused by fraudulent imposters claiming to be Native. As a Native Owned Business itself, the goal of Native Verify is to ensure that consumers and hiring partners can easily identify legitimate Native Owned Businesses. We want to empower Native Owned Businesses to go beyond self-certification and maximize their business opportunities by connecting with consumers, hiring partners, and procurement offices. We also know that Tribes and businesses working throughout Indian Country need a more efficient way to identify Native Owned and TERO certified service providers.