Why Native Verification is important to you

Why Native Verification is important to you

Allow consumers, supply chain, and other hiring and purchasing partners to easily identify your business as Native Owned.

Distinguish Yourself as Native Owned

Display your verification materials on e-commerce websites, social media accounts, and bidding and contracting opportunities.

Expand your Network of Consumers & Partners

Once verified, our growing network of hiring businesses, procurement offices, and projects can easily connect with your business.

Maximize the Value of Other Certifications

Our internal compliance system, customizable onboarding, and certification tracking allows you to exhibit and maximize Tribal certifications.

Why Verify your Native Owned Business?

Our Verification helps easily distinguish your business from non-Native competitors and peers. Display the Native Verify seal on your website, social media profiles, and e-commerce store to quickly identify for consumers that your business is verified as Native Owned. Your listing in the Native Network database will connect you to supply chain, purchasers, and other hiring partners looking to buy and hire Native.

Distinguish Your Business
By displaying the Native Verify seal, you can identify for consumers and purchasers that you are Native Owned — easily distinguishing yourself from non-Native businesses.
Expand your Network
Once Verified, your business will be listed on our Native Network allowing you to connect with hiring businesses, procurement offices, and purchasers.
Maximize Related Certifications
Do you maintain minority contracting, Indian Arts and Crafts Board, or TERO certifications or licenses? Those can be exhibited and tagged in your Native Network listing, increasing your hiring opportunities.