Our Verification Process

What is a Native Verified Business?

Our Native Verified Businesses are verified as being majority owned and operated by Tribally-affiliated owners. For the purposes of Native Verify, Tribal affiliation is defined as being an individual, enrolled citizen of a federally recognized Tribe or a federally recognized Tribe itself. To learn more about the various components of Native identify and why Native Verify utilizes enrollment and federal recognition as our standards please check out our blog.

What is required to become a Native Verified Business?

Native Verified Businesses provide proof of the following through our verification process:

  1. Majority Ownership and Control. Your business must be majority owned (at least 51%) and controlled by one or more Tribally-affiliated owners.

      Proof of majority ownership and control is satisfied by:

      1. Organizing documents, such as your Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and, where applicable, any stockholder or lending and equity agreements; and
      2. Documents related to your business’s operations and decision-making structure, such as your Operating Agreement, minutes from Board meetings, and/or third-party management agreements.
  2. Tribal Affiliation. The one or more Tribally-affiliated owners of your business must be an enrolled citizen of one of the 574 federally recognized Tribes or a federally recognized Tribe itself.

      Proof of Tribal affiliation is satisfied by:

      1. Proof of enrollment by each Tribally-affiliated owner; or
      2. Proof of a federally recognized Tribe’s ownership.
  3. Regular Review of Verified Status. Verification of your Native Owned Business must be reviewed and confirmed every 2 years.

Where Can I Find Native Verified Businesses?

You can easily identify Native Verified Businesses by our credential (shown on the businesses website, social media profiles, and storefronts). We also help connect Native Verified Businesses with those seeking to buy and hire Native by providing subscriptions to our Native Network, a database of Native Verified Businesses searchable by industry segment and geographic location -- particularly helpful to identify services and goods for supply chain and diversity procurement.